Mary Chun (Head of Piano Teacher)


  • BMus in Music Performance with Honours, The University of Melbourne

  • Master of Music Performance Teaching, The University of Melbourne

  • Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), La Trobe University

  • Australian Registered Qualified Secondary School Music Teacher

  • Former Performer of Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra

  • Former Performer of GSOV Orchestra

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”             – Victor Hugo


   Mary began learning the violin and piano at the age of three, which gives her deeply rooted passion. Progressing fast as a pianist, she achieved many awards in several competitions in her early teen years, in South Korea.

   Mary chose to study abroad in Australia; she actively performed at school and received an Award Certificate of Most Likely to be the Next Mozart and Award for piano at Queensland Catholic Schools & Colleges Music Festival. She completed Bachelor of Music (Hons) Performance on Piano at the University of Melbourne in 2011 and continued to study in Master of music Performance Teaching which gives her great insight into the rich pedagogy for students. As a soloist, Mary has had experiences in performing as a solo, chamber group and orchestra. She arranges her own chamber music from scores of the original ensembles and received an Alan C Rose Memorial scholarship in 2011. Her chamber group awarded second prize in the Musical Society of Victoria Chamber Music Competition in 2012.


   With over 10 years in-depth experience in the practical, theoretical and technical aspect, Mary is passionate about teaching children and adults’ instrumental techniques, scales, sight reading and music theory. She is skillful in assisting students prepare for music examinations, auditions and performances. Mary will conduct each lesson with the balance of music theory and learning piano. Mary believes that music helps to build a good character by developing musical abilities and enhances the complete person by improving both and aesthetic sense and the ability of express; it can help students to mature into a full musical growth.



Ideal Teacher for:

  • Beginners to advanced learners in all ages

  • Students who want to prepare for exam and scholarships

Jessica Kim

  • Piano major, Sun-Hwa Arts School (선화 예술 음악학교, South Korea)

  • Bachelor of Music Performance, University of Auckland

  • Certificate of Teaching Piano Adventure Diploma Course

  • Accompanist at Jin-ju Presbyterian Church (South Korea)

  • Accompanist at Auckland Men’s Choir

  • Accompanist at Kwang Myung Presbyterian Church


      Jessica felt genuine love for the piano at the age of six, and she began studying piano at one of the famous music schools in South Korea, Sun-Hwa Arts School. Her family immigrated to New Zealand in 2006 and during her formal music studies, she was awarded numerous prizes in South Korea and New Zealand. She also has a special interest in chamber music and her trio received the second prize at the New Zealand National Chamber Music Competition in 2007.


      Jessica completed Bachelor of Music Performance on piano at the University of Auckland in 2012 and she flew to South Korea to achieve Teaching Piano Adventure Diploma Course in 2013. She became skilful throughout the years in communicating ideas accurately and in found, effective ways to teach piano adventure from young children to adults. She gained a Piano Adventure Teacher Certificate in 2014 and she was a contracted piano teacher at Edu Prime Piano Adventure Education Centre and taught piano for several years.


     Jessica is commendable in teaching piano from young children to adolescents, she will provide fun and creative lessons and also acknowledge in musical theory. Besides teaching piano, she has also many years of experience in accompanying for other musical instrumentalists and choirs. Jessica loves to meet and teach anyone who is willing to enjoy learning piano.


Ideal teacher for:

  • My First Piano Adventure (Age 4-6)

  • Piano Adventure (Age of 6 years old to adults)

  • Students who want to prepare a theory or piano exam.

Daly Li 

  • Bachelors of Music, majoring in Classical performance in Violin - University of Auckland

  • Diploma in Music Performance ATCL - Trinity College


Daly Li has completed his Bachelor in Music, majoring in Violin Classical Performance at the University of Auckland studying under the tutelage of Elizabeth Holowell. Daly is now studying towards his post-graduate degree in violin pedagogy for further knowledge in advanced studio pedagogy and pedagogical repertoire for violin playing.


Daly has a huge passion for orchestral and ensemble playing, previously participating in the Academy of Strings, Manukau Youth Orchestra, Auckland Youth Orchestra, Manukau Symphony Orchestra and the University of Auckland School of Music Symphony Orchestra.


In 2014, Daly won the Manukau Symphony Orchestra Competition and was awarded a scholarship. Also in 2015, he was also awarded the Eleanor Spragg scholarship. He attended Pakuranga College and this is where he was awarded the Rive Cup of Excellence in Instrumental Music in 2011.


Ideal Teacher for:

  • Beginners to advanced learners of all ages

  • Preparation of musical reviews and assessment

  • Violin and musical learning for all ages and walks of life

  • Lifelong interest, and engagement with music    



Sara Lee

  • Moscow Tchaikovsky music school

  • Bachelors of Music, majoring in Classical performance in Piano - University of Auckland

  • Apo Haydn Staples piano scholarships

  • Concert with APO,ASO,AYO

  • First prize in Hamilton piano competition

  • First prize at Auckland university graduation Gala concerto piano competition

   Sara began her piano studies at the age of six, studied piano at the Tchaikovsky music school in Moscow and won many awards from the school including outstanding performance awards. Sara has recently graduated Bachelor of Music in University of Auckland.

   Sara has won several national and international competitions around the world. She has been successful with her concert at Conservatory, Rachmaninoff Hall of Moscow Conservatory( Moscow,Russia), kumhoart hall(Seoul), Mozart hall(Seoul) Wiener Saal of Mozarteum (Salzburg, Austria), Konzertsal Handel Karee Haus(Halle, Germany), Lyon conservatory hall(France),Recitals at the Academie Internationale de musique de clombes,2018 Taiwan maestro piano festival, she participating in a masterclass with acclaimed pianists such as Dimitri Bashkirov, Andrej Jasinski, Pavel Gililov, Epifanio Comis and Boris Berman.


   Sara has been building experiences in teaching young students, especially for those who want to prepare the competition. Sara will provide high technical skill, and will easily improve their performance skill starting from the very basics to an advanced level with giving full musical knowledge. She has also many experience in accompanying many soloists and choirs. Sara also participated in ROSL chamber music competition and NZ chamber competition.

  • Ideal Teacher for:  

  • Beginners to advanced learners in all ages

  • Students who want to prepare for exam and scholarships

  • Students who prepare for going to music university

  • Students who prepare for competition

Victoria Zhou

  • Bachelor of Science, University of Auckland

  • Level 4 Diploma in Music Performance ATCL

  • ABRSM: Music Theory Grade 5


Victoria Zhou started playing piano at the age of 5 and has been teaching since 2015. She is a New Zealand born Chinese and can speak both English and Cantonese fluently.  She is currently studying Computer Science and Information Systems at the University of Auckland and is on the last year of her three-year course.



Victoria achieved her Level 4 Diploma in Music Performance ATCL in 2014, since then she has competed in multiple competitions and recently received first place for an eight-hand piece in the North Shore Piano Competition. Victoria has also performed in many weddings which included her own piano teacher’s wedding.



The piano was not the only instrument that Victoria was interested in, she was also interested in playing percussion and violin. Throughout high school, she was a part of the orchestra, band, and choir. These opportunities have led to having a higher understanding of music and what it is like to work together in both large and small groups. Victoria has been awarded many music prizes due to her hard work and musicianship skills.



Victoria started teaching alongside her own piano teacher where she would tutor students that needed extra help during exams. Through this experience, she gained the knowledge to become an independent teacher and have her own students. She has taught students with abilities ranging from beginners to grade 5. She also offers her students music theory lessons. While teaching piano Victoria has also taught groups of children in percussion and accompanied many violinists for their exams. 



Victoria strives to be a teacher that is friendly and congenial. Her lessons are fun and always full of creative and positive energy. Victoria will work closely with each student and focus on developing their knowledge in both theoretical and practical piano skills.


Ideal teacher for:

  • Students with abilities ranging from beginners to grade 5

  • Students who want to prepare for exams

Katie Ma

  • Wuhan Conservatory of music school  

  • BMus in music performance with honours, University of Auckland 

  • Performer of Auckland University chamber quintet                                                               


After moving to New Zealand at the age of 12, Katie is proficient with both English and Chinese. Since studying towards her degree in Auckland, she has grown an interest in music education for the piano. She is interested in developing children's own unique musical growth, by using different teaching materials and methods. Combine knowledge from both cultures-Asia and European style of teaching into one.


Katie is heavily influenced by well-known musicians such as Gao-Ping and Professor Du Tai Hang at the Beijing Conservatory of Music in China. At age eleven, Katie was accepted to Wuhan Conservatory of Music, and since then have won many national and local competitions around China. She also participated in many masterclasses in Shanghai and Beijing during her study in China.


Katie has also many experiences accompanying ensembles, vocalists and for soloists competing in major competitions around New Zealand. She also regularly performs chamber music at many events around Auckland.


Ideal Teacher for:

  • Beginners to advanced learners

  • Students who want to prepare for exams 

  • Young children, pre-school or primary school students

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