Welcome to Cherry Piano Studio !

Hello and welcome to future students and parents,

We are happy to announce that Cherry piano studio has opened at a bigger venue with more pianos and tutors. Cherry Piano Studio is now located at 2A Rocklands Avenue, Mt Eden, and we also  hold lessons in Glenfield and at Piano Traders in Mt Eden. We are continuing to grow, with more than 170 students in less than 2 years of first opening.

“Joy of playing the piano together “

Learning to play the piano gives such joy that can last a lifetime.

Do you want to learn piano? Learning the piano should be fun,

so you can experience the joy of making music.

Together with your passionate & friendly piano tutor, or with peers you meet at a group lesson at Cherry Piano Studio, you will love and enjoy learning piano.

What is your favourite style of music? At Cherry Piano Studio, you can learn EVERY style of music- whether you love classical, jazz, hymns, or pop, we have experienced piano teachers who will meet your musical tastes.

We have an effective curriculum for the young generation.

If you are looking for 2:1 (paired) piano classes, here is some information.

Pair lessons can be made with your friend or with siblings, so you can have more fun and learn faster together. If you cannot find someone to join with, we will find someone similar to your age and level for you. 

You will learn to play individual and duet songs, as well as run performance classes so you can listen and learn from each other. We will also incorporate music theory games or workbooks at the end of each lessons. 

Children age from age 4 to 6 will finish their introductory level (preliminary level) in a years time, while those aged 7 and above will finish within 6 months time.    We will also use accelerated piano lesson books for older beginners who wish to complete their introductory level faster. 

We are waiting and welcome adult students!

'Whether you are a uni student, a full-time or part-time worker, mum, or dad, it's never too late to learn piano. 

Our tutors teach many passionate adults who are eager to learn the piano. 

So why not enquire at our piano studio? 

We look forward to meeting you soon. 

Kind regards,

Rebekah & 

Cherry Piano Studio Team 

We’d love to hear

from you!

Opening hours


Monday-Friday 9:30am-7:30pm

Saturday            9.30am-6:00pm

Sunday              closed


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0274 236 414 (Txt preferred) 




1st floor 2A Rocklands Avenue Mt Eden Auckland 1024